LOW BEGINNING ESL                                            COMPETENCY OUTLINE

CASAS Range: 181-190


By the end of this level, learners will have worked on and attained competency in the following areas:


  1. Communication
    1. Identify orally, read, and write self and personal information.

                                                              i.      Respond orally to verbal questions asking for the following

1.      name, address, telephone number

2.      social security number

3.      date of birth/birth date

4.      age

5.      gender/sex

a.      Male, female

                                                            ii.      Read and write

1.      name, address, telephone number

2.      social security number

3.      date of birth/birth date

4.      age

    1. Use and respond to polite expressions.

                                                              i.      How are you

                                                            ii.      What time is it

                                                          iii.      How is your family

                                                           iv.      What did you do last weekend

                                                             v.      I’m sorry

                                                           vi.      Thank you

                                                         vii.      Your welcome

    1. Write upper and lower case letters.
  1. Consumer Economics
    1. Recognize US currency, symbols relating to money, and read prices.

                                                              i.      Recognize US penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and dollar bill

                                                            ii.      Recognize dollar and cents symbols

                                                          iii.      Recognize use of decimal point to signify cents

                                                           iv.      Read price tags

    1. Identify basic foods.

                                                              i.      Meat

                                                            ii.      Fruit

                                                          iii.      Vegetable

                                                           iv.      Milk, cheese, egg

                                                             v.      Bread, rice

                                                           vi.      Breakfast, lunch, dinner

    1. Identify basic information on food labels.

                                                              i.      Where to store food—freezer, refrigerator, cupboard

                                                            ii.      Amount in a package—single serving, family size

    1. Recognize common transportation signs.

                                                              i.      Stop

                                                            ii.      Stop lights

                                                          iii.      Walk/Don’t Walk

                                                           iv.      Bus Stop

    1. Use vocabulary for home furnishings and reporting household repairs.

                                                              i.      Furnishings vocabulary—bed, telephone, stove, sink, clock, table, chair

                                                            ii.      The --- is broken

    1. Recognize concepts and vocabulary for cleaning and hygiene.

                                                              i.      Vocabulary—soap, washing, bath, shower, cleaning

                                                            ii.      Cleanliness habits and routines

  1. Community Resources
    1. Use a residential telephone; call to request appoints; call 911.

                                                              i.      Call to inform work or school of absence or lateness

1.      I can not come to school/work today

2.      I am sick

3.      I have to go to the doctor

                                                            ii.      Call to request appointments

1.      I need to see the doctor/dentist

                                                          iii.      Answer the telephone and respond or express a lack of understanding

1.      Hello

2.      I do not understand English

                                                           iv.      Call 911 using basic emergency vocabulary

1.      I need help

2.      Fire

3.      I am hurt

    1. Demonstrate the use of a calendar by identifying days of the week and months of the year using words and abbreviations.

                                                              i.      Read the words for days of the week and months of the year

                                                            ii.      Read the words and abbreviations for days of the week and months of the year

                                                          iii.      Randomly find dates on a calendar

    1. Tell time using analog and digital clocks.

                                                              i.      One thirty, one o’clock

                                                            ii.      morning,  afternoon, night

    1. Identify signs using sight words and symbols.

                                                              i.      enter, exit,  men, women, no smoking

    1. Know basic American holidays.

                                                              i.      Thanksgiving

                                                            ii.      Fourth of July

                                                          iii.      Christmas

                                                           iv.      New Year’s

    1. Ask and answer simple questions about the weather.

                                                              i.      Sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowy

                                                            ii.      Cold, hot

                                                          iii.      It is raining/snowing.

                                                           iv.      It is cold/hot.

                                                             v.      What is the weather today?

  1. Health
    1. Recognize and identify basic body parts.

                                                              i.      Head, eye, ear, nose, mouth, teeth, arm, hand, finger, back, stomach, leg, knee, foot, toe

    1. Recognize basic vocabulary relating to illness and accidents.

                                                              i.      I hurt my---

                                                            ii.      I have a --- ache

                                                          iii.      I feel sick

                                                           iv.      I need to see a doctor

                                                             v.      Hot, cold, cut, blood

    1. Recognize basic health care vocabulary.

                                                              i.      Doctor, nurse, dentist, hospital

    1. Read an appointment card.

                                                              i.      Read the date and time

    1. Identify basic first aid.

                                                              i.      Bandage

                                                            ii.      Aspirin

                                                          iii.      Rest

  1. Employment
    1. Identify entry level jobs and associated vocabulary.

                                                              i.      Job title vocabulary—dishwasher, housekeeper, cleaner

                                                            ii.      Know names of different types of workplaces—office, restaurant, hotel, factory

                                                          iii.      Workplace verbs—cook, fix, clean, make

    1. Complete a simplified job application with assistance.
    2. Respond to basic job interview questions.

                                                              i.      What is your name

                                                            ii.      Do you know how to ---

                                                          iii.      Did you work in your country

                                                           iv.      My name is

                                                             v.      I was a

                                                           vi.      I want a job

    1. Produce identification forms required for employment.

                                                              i.      Can produce a social security card, work authorization card, passport, driver’s license

    1. Ask for assistance and clarification on the job.

                                                              i.      Use statements and questions to request clarification: “I don’t understand”

    1. Understand basic work safety phrases.

                                                              i.      Watch out

                                                            ii.      Be careful

                                                          iii.      It’s hot

                                                           iv.      Don’t touch that

                                                             v.      It’s wet

                                                           vi.      Wait

    1. Identify common, basic workplace tools.

                                                              i.      Broom, mop, hammer, drill, vacuum, soap, tray

  1. Computation
    1. Recognize, read, and write cardinal (through 100) numbers.

                                                              i.      Read and write as numbers cardinal numbers 1 through 100

                                                            ii.      Read and copy as words cardinal numbers 1 through 20

    1. Recognize basic cooking measurements.

                                                              i.      Lb., pound, cup, half-cup, teaspoon, tablespoon

  1. Learning to Learn
    1. Read simple sentences with familiar words.
    2. Read product names.
  2. Writing and Grammar
    1. Write dictation on familiar personal topics.
    2. Write addresses on envelopes.

                                                              i.      Location of information on the envelope

                                                            ii.      Abbreviations for street and state

    1. Use subject pronouns.

                                                              i.      I, you, he, she, it, we, they

    1. Use common verbs.

                                                              i.      to be present

                                                            ii.      to be yes/no questions

                                                          iii.      simple present

                                                           iv.      going to

                                                             v.      past tense—regular

    1. Use adverbs.

                                                              i.      today, yesterday, tomorrow