LOW BEGINNING ESL                                          COMPETENCY OVERVIEW
CASAS Range: 181-190


By the end of this level, learners will…


  1. Communication
    1. Identify orally, read, and write self and personal information.
    2. Use and respond to polite expressions.
    3. Write upper and lower case letters.
  2. Consumer Economics
    1. Recognize US currency, symbols relating to money, and read prices.
    2. Identify basic foods.
    3. Identify basic information on food labels.
    4. Recognize common transportation signs.
    5. Use vocabulary for home furnishings and reporting household repairs.
    6. Recognize concepts and vocabulary for cleaning and hygiene.
  3. Community Resources
    1. Use a residential telephone; call to request appoints; call 911.
    2. Demonstrate the use of a calendar by identifying days of the week and months of the year using words and abbreviations.
    3. Tell time using analog and digital clocks.
    4. Identify signs using sight words and symbols.
    5. Know basic American holidays.
    6. Ask and answer simple questions about the weather.
  4. Health
    1. Recognize and identify basic body parts.
    2. Recognize basic vocabulary relating to illness and accidents.
    3. Recognize basic health care vocabulary.
    4. Read an appointment card.
    5. Identify basic first aid.
  5. Employment
    1. Identify entry level jobs and associated vocabulary.
    2. Complete a simplified job application with assistance.
    3. Respond to basic job interview questions.
    4. Produce identification forms required for employment.
    5. Ask for assistance and clarification on the job.
    6. Understand basic work safety phrases.
    7. Identify common, basic workplace tools.
  6. Computation
    1. Recognize, read, and write cardinal (through 100) numbers.
    2. Recognize basic cooking measurements.
  7. Learning to Learn
    1. Read simple sentences with familiar words.
    2. Read product names.
  8. Writing and Grammar
    1. Write dictation on familiar personal topics.
    2. Write addresses on envelopes.
    3. Use subject pronouns.
    4. Use common verbs.
    5. Use adverbs.