Low Intermediate ABE                             Student Report


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At the end of this level you canů


bulletDefine words in context
bulletRead for main idea, details, conclusions, fact or opinion, and cause or effect
bulletRead stories, poetry, essays, biographies, information articles, and directions
bulletFind and explain information in charts, graphs, tables, maps, and pictures
bulletExplain story elements
bulletUse reference tools
bulletFollow capitalization and punctuation rules
bulletSpell common words
bulletWrite multi-paragraph essays
bulletFollow a writing process when writing
bulletFollow standard grammar and usage rules
bulletAdd, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers
bulletAdd and subtract fractions and decimals
bulletConvert fractions and decimals
bulletUse estimation to solve problems
bulletSolve consumer math questions
bulletSolve simple algebra problems
bulletFind perimeter and area of geometric shapes
bulletWrite a check and interpret a bank statement