The 2006 Revision of the Scope and Sequence of Skills

For Program Year 2006, the National Reporting System (NRS) changed the functional levels for English as a Second Language Learners. Beginning ESL was separated into two levelsóLow Beginning ESL and High Beginning ESL. The corresponding CASAS scores for each level are 181-190 for ESL Low Beginning and 191-200 for ESL High Beginning. In addition to the change in the ESL Beginning Level, High Advanced ESL was removed. Low Advanced ESL was renamed Advanced ESL. The Advanced ESL CASAS range is the same as the former Low Advanced ESL, 221-235.

This revision of the Scope and Sequence reflects the division of ESL Beginning. The skills and outcomes listed for Low Beginning and High Beginning parallel the outcomes in CASAS in the same way that all the levels do. The skills for the renamed Advanced ESL are the same as those for the former Low Advanced ESL.

Paula Freiermuth, Consultant
on behalf of  Marshall Adult Education
April 9, 2006