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TECH TIP:  Publisher Shortcuts
Microsoft Publisher is desktop publishing program that is used for laying out brochures, flyers, and newsletters,  You can do many great things very easily with Publisher that would be hard or impossible to do with Microsoft Word.  The main difference between Word and Publisher is that with Word, you do not need to make text boxes to type in.  Just open a Word file and start typing.  In Publisher, in order to start typing, you have to draw (or drag out) a text box first.  Then you can type your text in that text box.

Now the good thing is, if you are somewhat proficient at Word, you can easily master Publisher.  The 2 programs are very similar in many regards and you can intuitively use one if you know how to use the other.


OK – if you have used Publisher before – or you plan to start using Publisher – here are some shortcut keys that will allow you to do things quicker and easier.


Ctl + A              Highlight entire story

Ctl + B              Boldface

Ctl + C              Copy

Ctl + D              Apply shadow to object

Ctl + E              Center alignment

Ctl + F (or F3)    Find

Ctl + G (or F5)   Go to page __

Ctl + H              Hyphenate automatically

Ctl + I               Italic

Ctl + J               Justified alignment

Ctl + L              Left alignment

Ctl + M             Show background / foreground

Ctl + N              Create new publication

Ctl + O              Open existing publication

Ctl + P              Print

Ctl + Q              Remove paragraph formatting

Ctl + R              Right alignment

Ctl + S              Save

Ctl + T              Make transparent / opaque

Ctl + U              Underline

Ctl + V              Paste

Ctl + W             Snap to guides

Ctl + X              Cut

Ctl + Z              Undo last action

Ctl + 0              Remove space before paragraph

Ctl + 1              Single-space lines

Ctl + 2              Double-space lines

Ctl + 5              1½-line spacing

Ctl + =              Subscript

Ctl + Sh + =      Superscript

Ctl + spacebar   Remove character formatting

Ctl + ]                Increase font size by one point

Ctl + [                Decrease font size by one point

Ctl + Sh + >      ­ font size by default increments

Ctl + Sh + <      ¯ font size by default increments

Ctl + Sh + ]       Increase kerning between letters

Ctl + Sh + [       Decrease kerning between letters

Ctl + -               Insert hyphen

Ctl + Alt + -       Insert nonbreaking hyphen

Ctl + Del           Delete text frame or delete group

Alt + ¬­¯®          Move  selected object

Ctl + Alt + ¬®    Rotate in 5-degree increments

Ctl + F1            Show Help Index

Sh + F1            Show last Help topic

F3 (or Ctl + F)    Find

Sh + F4            Repeat last find

F5 (or Ctl + G)   Show Go to Page dialog%

Sh + F5            Go to next page

Ctl + F5            Go to prior page

F7                    Check spelling

F9                      Toggle Current / Actual views

Sh + F10           Show R-click context menu of selected object or Toolbar/Rulers dialog if no object selected. *Newer Win95 keyboards have a special key which performs the same function.


Ctl + Sh + C      Copy format

Ctl + Sh + F      Go to font selection box

Ctl + Sh + G      Group / Ungroup objects

Ctl + Sh + K      Smallcaps

Ctl + Sh + L      Fit whole page to window

Ctl + Sh + N      Add blank page

Ctl + Sh + O      Show / Hide boundaries & guides

Ctl + Sh + P      Go to font size box

Ctl + Sh + S      Go to text style box

Ctl + Sh + V      Paste format

Ctl + Sh + Y      Show / Hide special char’s


Mouse Shortcuts

Highlight a word double-click. Double-click and drag for multiple words.

Resize an object proportionally: Sh + drag a Resize handle

Resize an object around its center: Ctl + drag Resize handle

You can combine the prior two.

Rotate an object: ALT + drag a Resize handle

Move text by highlighting, then dragging; copy text with Ctl while dragging


Cursor Positioning Shortcuts

­  ¯        Up / down one line or cell

¬ ®       Left / right one character

End or Home     To the end or beginning of a line

Ctl + ®  or ¬      Right or left one word

Ctl + ­ or ¯          Up or down one paragraph

Ctl + Home or End         To the beginning or end of a text frame

Ctl + Sh + Enter            To the next connected frame



Text Highlighting Shortcuts (from cursor’s current spot)

Ctl + A  Entire story

Sh + ¬  or ®      One character to the left or right

Sh +­ or ¯           One line up or down

Ctl + Sh + ¬ or ®           To the start or end of the word

Ctl + Sh + ­ or ¯  To the start or end of the paragraph

Sh + Home or End         To the start or end of a line

Ctl + Sh + Home or End        To the start or end of a text frame


For the en dash (–), press Alt + 0150 on the numeric keypad.


For the em dash (—), Publisher automatically creates one when you type two hyphens. If you actually want consecutive hyphens, you can override this by pressing Ctl + Sh as you repeatedly press 6.


Publisher by default uses Smart (curly) Quotes, both single and double. If you desire straight quotes, you may turn them off using Tools/Options or you may override the curly quotes. To do the latter, press Ctl as you type the marks.


If you wish to use a  tool repeatedly, press Ctl as you press the button ...... it will stay active until you choose another.




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