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TECH TIP -  Using the Links Bar in Internet Explorer

The Links Toolbar is one of the neatest features of Internet Explorer.  By using the Links Toolbar, you will be able to have your favorite links readily available at the click of a button.   If you don’t know about it or are not using it – you will want to after reading this tip. 

First of all, you need to show the Links Bar in Internet Explorer.  So follow these steps.

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click on the Views menu at the top of the screen.
  3. Click on Toolbars.  Click on Links
    NOTE:  You should have a check mark next to the following Toolbars:
    Standard Buttons Address BarLinksGoogle (if you have downloaded and installed the Google Toolbar).

Click on the Views Menu and click on Toolbars again and be sure that there is a check mark by each of the toolbars mention above.

Your toolbars in Internet Explorer might look like this:

If your Explorer window does not look like this, that’s OK.  You may prefer a different look.  But, please note that you can move your toolbars and arrange them in any order you like. 

You arrange your toolbars by placing cursor the on the left side of the toolbar (on the vertical dots) until the cursor changes into a double arrow.  Then click and hold down the mouse button and drag the toolbar to the desired location.  So the first thing you need to do is arrange your toolbars so that each toolbar is on a line by itself, similar to the illustration above.

OK – now that you have your toolbars showing similar to the illustration above – one toolbar per line – we will focus in on the Links Toolbar (hereafter called “Links Bar”)..

If you have never used the Links Bar, you will notice there are already some links in the Links Bar.  They may be good or they may be worthless.  If they are good for you, keep them.  If you don’t want those links, right-click on the link and select Delete.  The link will immediately be deleted from the Links Bar.  (I deleted all the links because I want to use the Links Bar for my own favorite links).

Now – to add your own links to the Links Bar, use the drag-and-drop method – it’s so easy!  Go to one of your favorite websites – like – and click and hold down the mouse button on the icon just to the right of the word “Address” (in the Address Bar).  Drag the icon into the Links Bar and release the mouse button.  That’s it – you just added a favorite link to the Links Bar.  Now whenever you want to go to that link, just click on that icon in the Links Bar.  You will go there immediately.  Cool! 

If a link in the Links Bar has a long name, you will want to rename it to a shorter name to save space in the Links Bar.  Just right-click on the name of the link, select Rename, and give it a very short name – like an abbreviation.  Notice how short the names are in the illustration above,

So, my Links Bar is filled with the favorite links that I visit on a regular basis.  If you run out of space in the Links Bar – you fill it up – you can continue to add links to it.  When the Links Bar gets filled up, you will notice 2 small arrowheads on the right side of the Links Bar.  Just click on those arrowheads and a dropdown menu containing all the links that don’t fit on Links Bar will appear.  That’s cool, too!

One final note – you can also add a folder to the Links Bar and then add links to that folder using the drag-and-drop method.  To add a folder to the Links Bar, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Favorites in the menu bar. 
  2. Click on Organize Favorites
  3. Scroll down to Links and click on it
  4. Click on Create Folder
  5. Type a name for the new folder

That’s it, you now have a folder in the Links Bar - you can place links to that folder.

You can also access and add links to the Links Bar through the drop-down Favorites Menu bar.

Set up your Links Bar and your favorite links are just a click away!