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TECH TIP  -  Music, Music, Music!

Now it’s easier than ever to download your music files over the internet – legally and cheap!  There are several websites to use to download music.  Here are some neat sites to try out.

iTunes -
Download your music songs here for .99 cents a song.  You need to download the iTunes software (for PC or Mac) and install it – it’s very easy to do.  Open an account with your credit card – then start searching for your songs.  Read the system requirements on the download page.  And note that a higher speed connection to the internet is recommended for buying and streaming (listening to) music.  It will work with dial-up but it will take longer.

iTunes is easy to use and has many neat features.  You can burn your music right from iTunes – just click on the “Burn” button. You can listen to 30 second clips from their library of over 700,000 songs. You can print jewel case inserts, convert music files from one format to another, and manage your files with some nice management tools.  Note also that you can download iTunes for FREE and just use it as your player/organizer/converter/printer without using their on-line services – nice!  (I downloaded and installed iTunes on my PC and then I downloaded a 7½ minute Michael W. Smith medley for .99 cents – what a deal!)

Napster -
Remember Napster - it’s back!  This time you can use the service and not worry about a uniformed man knocking on your door with a warrant!  How nice!  Napster comes in two versions – Napster Lite where you pay .99 cents a song and Napster where you pay a monthly 9.95 subscription fee and then pay as low as .80 cents a song - and you get  tons of other neat options and benefits.  Read about the 2 versions here:

Wal-Mart Music Downloads -
Walmart jumps into the market with their own sizeable music library at .88 cents per song.  Songs downloaded through this site are playable only through Windows Media Player 9 (Microsoft’s free player).  Windows Media Player 9 also allows you to burn CDs from within their software.  It’s a great all around player and sound utility.

Get Windows Media Player 9 here:

WalMart also sells a Music Downloads Gift Card (as do iToons and Napster).

There are many other download sites – but these are 3 of the best.  Go to for more music download sites and just about anything else you need to know about digital music.  You can search for songs, listen to free clips, read biographies and music reviews, and find many links to music sites.  

Now that you have your music, here are 3 sites to go to download the lyrics to your songs.  -  -  search for lyrics by artist’s names
A-Z Lyrics  -  -  search by artist, album, or song title
Astra Web -  -  search by artist, title or just browse

Those are 3 of the best – but there are a gazillion more (how many gigabytes is that?) at Yahoo’s directory of music lyrics page – go to…

Want to learn more about digital music – Here’s 2 sites

This article is very non-technical – easy to read and understand.

This site dives into digital music in depth – very informative if you want to go further.,1558,1460716,00.asp