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TECH TIPS:  Top 10 Word Tips


Here’s some of my favorite “little known” Microsoft Word tips.  I haven’t tried all these tips on every version of Word (95, 97, 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003), but they should work in most versions.


1.      Capitalize (or un-capitalize) words:  To capitalize or make words small case, click on a word and press SHIFT-F3 three times.  You will toggle through All Caps, Small Letters or Title Case.  You can also select (highlight by holding down the mouse and dragging over) a group of words and pressing SHIFT-F3 (the F keys are located at the top of the keyboard).  Very cool!

2.      Change the font size quickly:  Select (highlight) the text you want to increase the font size for.  Hold down the CTRL and SHIFT keys together and tap the > key (greater than).  Keep tapping it and the font keeps getting bigger.  Tap the < key to decrease the font size.  Nifty trick!

3.      Print just a part of a document.  Select (highlight) a group of words or paragraphs.  Click on File and Print (or press CTRL-P).  In the Print Range box, click on the Selection option.  Nice!

4.      Use a non-breaking space:  If you want to keep 2 or more words on the same line (like a persons complete name – like George Herbert Walker Bush) without it being broken on 2 lines, type the first word, then hold down the CTRL and Shift keys together and press the SPACE BAR. Do the same for the other words.  This will insure that the words stay on the same line and won't get "word wrapped." Think you’ll ever use this one?

5.      Double-click and Type:  Did you know that you can double-click anywhere on a page and start typing?  When you double click anywhere in a document - on the left margin, in the middle, on the right margin – anywhere, the cursor is inserted.  You can start typing at that point.

6.      New Line command (sometimes called Soft Break):  When using numbers or bullets, if you press SHIFT-Enter, you will insert a new line without adding a number of bullet.  Then press Enter to add a new line or bullet.  Try it – neat!

7.      Cents and Accent Marks:  Add a cents symbol (˘) by pressing CTRL-/ (slash) and then pressing the c key.  Add an accent to letter (vowels only and the letter y) by pressing CTRL-’ (apostrophe) and then pressing the letter you want the accent above (examples:  á, é).  Wow!

8.      Start typing on the next page:  When you are typing on a page in your document and you want to type on the next page (a new page in the same document), just press CTRL-Enter – presto, you are on the next page!  A handy tip!

9.      Save or Close all your Word documents at the same time:  Anyone ever work on more than one Word document at a time?  You can Save or Close all your documents at once by holding down the SHIFT key and clicking the File menu.  You will see the options – Save All and Close All.  Click on an option to Save or Close all your open Word files – pretty cool!

10.  Add a smiley face:  Hold down the SHIFT KEY, then press : (colon), then press ) (close parenthesis).  This is what you get:  J   Try this with the  key (open parenthesis) instead – what happens???  OK – so this tip's a little frivolous – try it anyway