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TECH TIPS – Little Known Word Tips - Part 2


Here's the second installment on "little known” Microsoft Word tips - the next "top ten"  Try some of these out.


1.  Change the view (zoom):  Hold down the CTRL key and slowly turn the scroll wheel on the mouse.  The page view will “zoom” out or “zoom” in depending on which way you turn the wheel.  A great tip!


2.  Change Page Views:  Press CTRL-Shift-N to go to Normal View.  Press CTRL-Shift-P to go to Print Layout View.  Press CTRL-Shift-O to go to Outline View. (You can also select views by clicking on the View Menu)


3.  Insert the Date and Time:  Click your mouse where you want the date and time to appear.  Click on Insert, then click on Date and Time.  It will appear at that location.  If you want the date and time to automatically update itself each time you open the file, click on the Update Automatically box.


4.  Add a double space before a paragraph:  Press CTRL-0 (zero) before a paragraph to add a double space (line space).  This is kind of like just pressing the Return Key.  (Press CTRL-0 again and it removes it).  A quick way to add a line space!


5.  Jump Back to a previous spot.  Press SHIFT-F5 to jump to a spot you were working in previously.  Continue pressing SHIFT-F5 to relocate your cursor to previous spots in your document.  Cool - for those who hate to use the mouse - like me!


6.  Repeat Key:  if you press F4, you will repeat your last action over and over.  Example:  Select a word and bold face it (Press CTRL-B).  Then click on other words you want to Bold and press F4.  Remember this next time you have a repetitive task to do – it’s so simple!


7.  Auto-Bold a word or sentence:  Start a word or sentence with an asterisk (*) and then place the asterisk at the end of the word or sentence (example:  *Hello*).  The word or sentence in between the asterisks will become boldfaced


8.  Auto-Italicize a word or sentence:  Start a word or sentence with an underscore ( _ ) and then place the underscore ( _ ) at the end of the word or sentence (example:  _Hello_ ).  The word or sentence in between the underscores will be italicized.


9.  Change the Font:  Yes – you can changes fonts without using the mouse.  Select the word(s) for which you want to change the font.  Press CTRL-Shift-F - use the up and down arrow keys to change the font.  If you want to see the font styles, Press the ALT-Down Arrow, then use just the Arrow keys to select a font.


10.  Fill up a page of text:  Type the following:  =rand(5) – you may substitute any number you like between the parenthesis.   You will get 5 paragraphs of:  "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."  Whatever number you type in parenthesis will give you that many paragraphs.  So why in the world would you ever use this tip?  Well, if you want to fill up a page of text - or 5 pages of text - to have text to practice on or test out some formatting tools, this will give you that option.  Not Bad!