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TECH TIP:  Email Accounts
There are 3 types of email accounts

Here is a brief explanation of each type:

Web-based email
Web-based email is email that you use through a browser (like Internet Explorer or Netscape) over the internet and is usually FREE.  Examples of this type of account are Hotmail, and Yahoo mail.  Here is a link to the top 10 free web-based email services.

The advantage of web-based email is that you can check your mail or send email from any computer anywhere – you simply connect to the internet and log onto your account..  The disadvantages are that it is slow, you have to be on-line to use your email account, and the management tools are cumbersome and limited.  AND, typically in free accounts, you have to put up with advertising – lots of advertising!  (You can purchase the account and do away with the advertising).

POP3 Accounts
POP3 email is an email account that you receive when you sign up for internet access through an ISP (Internet Service Provider).  Some people do not realize this, but when you pay for internet access, your ISP provides you with FREE POP3 email accounts – usually up to 6 or 7 accounts.  Each account of course has a distinct address.

The advantage of  POP3 accounts is that you do not have to be on-line to compose email, or to read your email or to manage your email.  Of course, you do have to be on-line to check your email.  You use an email client, like Outlook Express or Eudora to log onto your account and download your messages from the server (your ISP server) to your computer.  Your email is then on your computer – you can log off your account and read the email off-line. You can also compose email off-line.  When you are ready to send you email, log on (connect to the internet) and click on the “send” button.  POP3 email is fast, it has great tools to manage your email, and it has many conveniences.  The main disadvantage of a POP3 account is that you normally check your email on just one computer – like your home computer or your office computer.  But, you really can check a POP3 account with Outlook Express on any computer that has your account information in it.

IMAP Email
IMAP email is similar to POP3 email except that you do not download the messages from your server (ISP) to your computer.  The email messages are actually stored on the server.  This may be an advantage because you can check your email from any computer – remember, the messages are stored on the server.  The disadvantage is that you must be connected constantly (you must be on-line) to read the messages.  Businesses and universities typically use this type of email.

Final thought – if you have internet access through an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and are not taking advantage of your POP3 account through your provider – you should be.  Call up your ISP and ask them for a POP3 account (remember, you may get up to 6 or 7 email accounts).  Then learn how to use your new POP3 account with Outlook Express.