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TECH TIP:  Rip your Music CDs


Now you might think Im saying something derogatory about the type music you listen to but Im not!  When I say, Rip your music CDs, I mean take one of your music CDs and copy the tracks (songs) onto your computer hard drive in MP3 format.


OK so what does that mean?  Well, a commercial CD can hold 23 songs which are around 3 minutes each.  Another way to put it is that each minute of music on a CD takes about 10 MB.  So a CD that holds 700 MB (most do) can store 70 minutes of music. 


Are you still with me?


So you can take the tracks on a CD and convert them into a different format MP3.  (Ever heard of MP3?).  MP3s take much less space in fact, 10 times less space.  One minute of MP3 music takes around 1 MB of space.  That means you can fit around 700 minutes of music on one 700 MB CD.  Thats 233 3-minute songs on one CD.  Wow!


So heres the deal, you can take all your favorite CDs and convert your favorites tracks (songs) into MP3 files.  You would then have a whole boatload of MP3s on your computer (which uses relatively little space on your hard drive) to listen to at your hearts content through your Bose 201 Direct/Reflecting speaker system.  (You do have Bose speakers dont you???)


You can also burn a CD with 200+ of your favorite music selections.  Of course, you must have a CD burner AND you must have a CD player that plays MP3 files.  Many little portable CD players play MP3s they cost around 20 bucks.  Many CD boom boxes also play MP3s.  Most DVD players also play MP3s (you can listen to your music through your TV speakers).  When you shop for your next CD player, be sure it plays MP3 files.


I did just that.  I burned a CD that has over 200 MP3 songs on it all my favorites!  I categorized them (put them in folders) Classical (59 favorites),  Contemporary Christian (76 favorites), Christmas music (44 favorites mostly Mannheim Steamroller),  Light POP (15 songs),  Country (2 favorites the only 2 I know), and a Miscellaneous Folder that has 20 songs - all on one CD!


OK so how do you do this?  Well, its easier than you think.  There is a program called Audiograbber that rips (copies) the tracks on a CD and converts them to MP3 files.  Its FREE and its easy to use.  Go here to grab this program.


There are many cool features in the program, so be sure to read the Help files (from one who rarely reads Help files).


There are other programs that rip CDs, but none easier that Audiograbber.  You can actually rip CDs with Windows Media Player (version 9 or version 10 version 10 is for XP only).  But they do not convert the tracks in MP3 format - you have to use a special encoder to do that. 


You can also download your favorite songs in MP3 format from many cheap websites (as low as 80 cents a song).  See this tech tip:


For more information about MP3s and other stuff, check out this website: