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Hello all, lots of information here so thought i should pass it along...........enjoy in your spare time.  Below you will find information of interest from the NIFL (National Institute for Literacy) workforce education listserve:

 Claudia Kinville,

The following links will take you to local, national, and international pieces of interest:

1) "From time to time over the next couple of years, the National Commission on Adult Literacy, which CAAL manages, will make background papers developed for the Commission available to the general public.

The first set of four papers -- all summary information papers on the role of the federal government in adult literacy -- have been pulled together into an informal publication that can be downloaded from the CAAL website

(Gail Spangenberg, President, Council for Advancement of Adult Literacy)

2) Training, Retention and Competitiveness of Manufacturing Workers
The Center for Workforce Success - the training and education affiliate of The Manufacturing Institute, has released two new "how-to" guides for workforce professionals.  These guides, the third and fourth in the Center's series Filling America's Jobs, provide guidance, practical advice and clear steps for businesses interested in reducing their turnover and increasing productivity among their entry- and supervisory-level staff.  The Center has drawn examples of good practice from the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) membership and has created real-world tools to help manufacturers and their associations solve some of their most challenging workforce problems.  Read More...

3) From Workforce USA December 2006 Newsletter   

"Language diversity delicate matter for businesses"
This article explores language barriers in the workplace, highlighting issues faced by Chicago-area businesses, but echoing a growing national problem faced by employers and employees alike.  Written by David Garbe of The Beacon News Online, the piece tracks the challenges and opportunities presented by "language diversity," especially in restaurant, landscape and manufacturing industries.  Read More...

4) Pennsylvania's Workforce System:
This web site

describes one state's efforts to build a workforce development system that meets high standards.  The state has encouraged (through grants and technical assistance) local Workforce Investment Boards to agree on a set of standards for WIBs and then develop locally-relevant plans for meeting those standards.  This site describes key industries and jobs that workforce and economic development efforts should focus on.

5) Just an FYI with a web site to check out if you are interested in the competition:

Workforce Language Services, LLC

6) From TrainingZONE (UK) - Measuring the Impact of Informal Learning.

By Dawn Smith While the importance of informal training is widely recognized, methods for measuring its impact are far from established.

Dawn Smith looks at the challenges involved in evaluating informal learning in the workplace.

7) From another vendor - workplace

" I have presented the topic, "Starting your own Workplace ESL Business" at the last CATESOL and at the last 4 or so TESOL (minus last year) Conventions.  Because I get so many requests for this sort of training, I developed a workplace ESL certification seminar where I train about 5 people a month who fly here to Vegas for a day's training.  I would be happy to chat with anyone over the phone or answer questions anytime (for no cost of course).  I started my company 16 years ago.  I only started hiring teachers in 1998 and am still pretty small.  I have 14 teachers who work for me and I let them do most of the teaching at this point.  BUT whenever I speak to someone else who is newer at this, I get motivated all over again to grow my business.  My company has been teaching WESL and Workplace Spanish for a long time and have learned the hard way what works and what doesn't.  I still don't have all the answers, but I have a lot of them :) We are professional trainers and facilitators, not teachers.  It's a different side to TESOL in my opinion."

8) "Does anyone have any ideas where I might find lessons related specifically to developing cash handling skills?" was the question brought to the NIFL list.  Here's one response: "I know these are UK resources and not US but they may still be useful ignore the references to the UK literacy curriculum

A second response came from a grant-funded project developing a Limited English Proficiency and Hispanic Worker Initiative for the Retail Industry in New York City, funded by DOL.  Classes are underway already.  The individual attached some of the lessons to her posting.  I saved them and will forward as requested

9) From MDRC (formerly known as Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation)

"A Vision for the Future of the Workforce Investment System”

 This short paper reviews the history of the workforce investment system in the United States, describes the large size of the low-wage labor market and the growth in the availability of work supports for low-wage workers, and offers recommendations for expanding the Workforce Investment Act, initially in a demonstration context, to focus more on job retention and advancement by engaging private employers and to enhance the accessibility of work supports."

10) The newest Ask CAELA question is "What are factors to consider when planning for, setting up, and evaluating a workplace program for immigrant workers?" The answer to the question includes information about how to conduct a needs analysis, the need to adapt curricula to specific learner and worksite needs, and what elements to consider in assessment and evaluation.  This Ask CAELA includes an interview with CAELA Associate Director and workplace expert Miriam Burt.  To find out more about issues to consider in workplace ESL, go to



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